10 Money-Saving Ideas for a Halloween Barbecue Party

Children love Halloween parties and throwing such a kind of party brings quite an experience to behold not to mention the tasty dips and dishes. All you need is some amount of preparation to make your Halloween Barbecue party great. It doesn’t have to be costly to be good. You can make it fun during the preparations and everyone will love it not looking at how much it cost you. There are lots of creative ideas that you could employ to make this occasion great yet inexpensive. Here are some of the top 10 money-saving ideas that you can use for your Halloween Barbecue party.

  1. Do Research

Don’t get started with lighting the fire prior to having some knowledge on the use of grillers. Attaining griller perfection is one of the things you need to know. Check online videos on how to use your griller in a perfect way. Make use of a good step-by-step guide to arm yourself with the skills needed to make a tasty barbecue. It will save you from loses that result from poorly cooked stuff.

  1. Check your Fuel Consumptions

Don’t go overboard with the use of fuel as is the case with many people when they do grilling. See the recommend amount of charcoal needed for your grill. For instance, three pounds of charcoal should be enough to prepare a meal of about six people. For propane and other related fuels, set it high for the initial five minutes once the food hits your grill before turning it low.

  1. Budget for your Meat

Plan based on the number of people you expect. Be realistic with the amount of meat that can be consumed by your already pre-determined number and make room for just a few more. This will help you save a few coins. You don’t need to guess your budget on meat.

  1. Include other Food Items

If meat will be the only food for everyone including the children, this will be a costly affair to you. In that case, it is important to consider providing Halloween drinks. You can try a DIY drink of cranberry and lemonade. This is one of the alternatives to spice up the occasion especially for kids to enjoy the fun. Therefore, think creatively on how to cook on the barbecue by creating variety.

  1. Maximize the Opportunity

Do some extra portions to consume the next day or so. Your meat will still be tasty the following day. Don’t let all the lit fuel burn to only cook for what you need for the day. This will help you in decreasing your fuel cost per meal.

  1. Taking Care of your Grill

You definitely don’t want to keep making investments on a grill every time you want to hold a Halloween Barbecue party. Therefore, it is important that you ensure proper grill maintenance. Make sure that you clean it off completely prior to and after use. Remove the ashes when they cool down and oil the grate too in both occasions.

  1. Homemade Rubs and Sauces

Don’t buy from the store what you could have easily prepared at home. Make use of DIY barbecue sauces and rubs. Ideally, rubs are spices that you can mix up using your fingers. For the sauces, you can make good ones starting with tomatoes in your kitchen. You can add several other ingredients as you progress to gain the flavor you want.

  1. Use Minimal Accessories

There is no point of stocking up sophisticated grilling equipment. That doesn’t make your Halloween Barbecue party any better. A pair of tongs and an instant-read meat thermometer could be all that you may need as your grill accessories.

  1. Negotiate with the Butcher

Considering it is a party, you will be offering the butcher a good deal. Therefore, ask for the favorite meat cuts. Be friendly to those working at the butcher’s counter. This relationship will help you fetch good prices and the choicest meat for the occasion. More than that, they will help you make the right meat portions for a barbecue.

  1. Buy a Quality Grill

If you are just getting started and want to buy a grill, you definitely don’t need a grill that have extra whistles and bells. All you need is to have one that will not fizzle after hosting just a few parties. Where possible, make sure that your grill gives you room to multi-task, that will be a brilliant idea.

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